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Why call Ecopro for Industrial Extermination?

We are aware of the realities faced by business owners. That is why our services are so appreciated. Mouse, rat or insect extermination; whatever the parasite, we will solve the problem.

Fast and Discreet Service

24-hour response time with unmarked vehicles

Trained & Certified Pest Control Technicians

Wherever the bugs are nesting we will find them

Eco Friendly Parasite Control Products

We use the safest methods to protect your family, with products certified by Health Canada, and our extermination company is licensed by Environment Québec.

Guaranteed Treatments & Follow-Up

Our work is guaranteed, and our exterminator will not leave your site without a go forward prevention plan

Insects and rodents multiply rapidly—tackle the problem immediately to avoid a serious infestation. Get a phone consult now.

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Do You Have an Infestation Problem?

Ecopro gestion parasitaire is Your Solution!

According to Health Canada, we are among the most qualified exterminators to deal with your infestation problem. Our technicians are certified, our ecological methods are accredited, and our guarantees are unbeatable.

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Extermination Services for all Types of Businesses

Ecopro has the professionalism and experience necessary for commercial extermination. In our 25 years of experience, we have helped hundreds of business owners through our pest management services. Our commercial division is discreet and fast. Our technicians travel in unidentified trucks and make sure to get rid of your pest problem without attracting attention.

Whatever infestation problem faced by your business, Ecopro and its team of professional technicians will take charge of the situation so that you regain your peace of mind and resume your commercial activities as quickly as possible.

If you suspect that rodents or insects have entered your building, call us immediately. We are available 24/7 and we get rid of bugs fast!

Pest control Services for Restaurants, Hotels and Grocery Stores

Infestation problems are common in locations where food is prepared or handled, especially in the case of rodents (rats, mice) or pests. Often, these types of pests reproduce rapidly, so immediate action is needed to keep the situation under control.

In addition, the presence of rodents and/or insects in your building could cause damage to your property, and, worse yet, cause detriment to the image of your business.

Avoid this kind of problem. Ecopro extermination offers short-term solutions to pest extermination as well as long-term solutions for preventive pest management of your business.

Call Ecopro at 514-819-1108 immediately for a full assessment of your premises. We are a leader in commercial pest management in the greater Montreal area and its suburbs.

Calling Ecopro extermination means finding a reliable and efficient business partner.

Pest Control Management for Retail Stores and Shops

If you have detected the presence of rodents and insects in your retail store or shop, it is important to act as quickly as possible. Insects and rodents can cause a lot of damage to buildings. If not treated quickly, this type of problem can lead to unnecessary expenses.

We care about customer service and a job well done—and we live up to our commitments!

Ecopro has the necessary experience in solving infestation problems. We have helped hundreds of clients in Montreal, the South Shore and Laval. We will completely eliminate insects, rodents and parasites from your premises, ensuring that you can safely manage your business again!
Avoid an infestation and contact us now. We are available 24/7 and will arrive at the site quickly and in unidentified vehicles, so as not to harm your good reputation.

What we do

We care about customer service and a job well done

Ecopro works for homeowners to ensure peace and security in their own homes. We solve problems with ants, bed bugs, spiders, mice and other residential pests.

Please contact us today if you have any pest control needs for your home. Quick action (when needed) is always better than a delay. Pests never just go away by themselves.

Let us work with you to eliminate the problem at the source and get you and your family back to your routine without any worries about bugs in your home.

Guaranteed, discrete, and professional. Call Ecopro now.

Our commercial extermination division serves restaurants, retail stores, hotels, and grocery chains. Common problems we manage are the presence of mice or rats and insects. Our commercial pest control services include ongoing contracts to keep stores and restaurants free of pests and in compliance with regulations.

Please call us today for help with an immediate issue, or to learn more about our pest control solutions for business. Our technicians cover all of the Island of Montreal (including the West Island), the South Shore, Laval, and the North Shore.

Choose Ecopro for guaranteed and discrete services to keep your business running smoothly.

Factories, manufacturing, and industrial buildings can become home to mice, rats, ants, and even wild animals. It is critical to take positive action to prevent and control these issues, because the long-term costs of a pest problem in an industrial setting can be very large and undesirable.

Ecopro offers a consultation and inspections service for industrial buildings. Please contact us now so we can schedule a consult and give you some options for both any necessary short-term solutions as well as a long-term pest management strategy.

Call us and you will find a reliable and effective business partner.

Your Discrete and Professional Extermination Company

What makes us the top eco-friendly exterminator in Montreal?

Ecopro gestion parasitaire is a family business focused on professionalism and discretion – not to mention results. Our team of certified technicians travels in unmarked trucks and works effectively behind the scenes to get the job done without drawing attention in residential and commercial neighborhoods.

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Eco-friendly extermination services

Bedbug extermination services 24/7

Bedbugs in your house? Don't delay action

If you have a pest problem don’t delay action.

Get a free phone consult now.

In the context of what the population is currently experiencing, we would like to advise you that pest control is an essential service and we will continue to serve you.

We also offer cleaning and decontamination service following the protocol in force, either ozone treatments or fogging.

Our technicians follow a rigorous protocol in prevention by following measures issued by the Provincial and Federal governments.

For everyone’s safety, we ask that you notify us if you are infected with the Covid-19 or that if you are in quarantine so that our technicians can protect themselves adequately.

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