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Specialized Cleaning Services

At Ecopro, we are expert specialized cleaners in the residential, commercial, public, and industrial sectors. Our team of qualified technicians will not leave the site without having it restored to its original condition, or better.

We specialize in most cleaning situations big and small, and we take great pride in a job well done. We are renown for our reliability and our eco-friendly products.

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Disaster Cleanup Services

Fire, water or smoke damage can be an expensive and distressing event for home or business owners. When disaster strikes, it’s important that
damage control and cleanups are handled quickly and professionally.

In the aftermath, it is essential to trust professionals who can save as much property as possible, and minimize problems. At Ecopro, we know the critical priorities that will reduce cost and avoid further damage.

Choose an experienced and reliable disaster cleaning service. Contact Ecopro today.

Crime Scene Cleanup Services

Cleaning up a crime scene is different from other specialized cleaning services. It involves protecting evidence for police investigations and not jeopardizing the scene. Also, crime scene cleanup involves dealing with biological substances that can become a threat to the health of humans.

At Ecopro, we have the proper equipment to decontaminate the scene, restoring your property back to its original state.

Our procedure includes decontamination, proper disposal of biohazards, and deodorization.

Crime scene clean up requires professionals. Call Ecopro now. We are available 24/7 and will arrive on the scene fast.

Odour Treatment Services

Ecopro helps homeowners, landlords, realtors, and business owners remove odour and allergens from their property. We sanitize and deodorize residential, commercial, and public health care properties with harmless, non-toxic, environmentally-friendly products.

With Ecopro, germs, indoor contaminates, and allergens will be removed from your home or business.

Create a healthy and pleasant environment for your family, clients or staff. Call us today.

Odour Removal for Cottages, Boats, and Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

Strong odours often develop in seasonal dwellings such as summer cottages, boats and RVs. Bad smell can be trapped in carpets, furniture, or fabrics.

At Ecopro, we do not mask the bad smell. We eliminate it by destroying microorganisms that cause foul smell.

Keep your vacation homes free from bad smells, germs and allergens.

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Cigarette Smoke Removal

Are offensive smoke odours preventing you from renting or selling a property?

Cigarette smoke creates a foul smell that saturates living spaces and persists for long periods of time. Removing cigarette odour is no easy task because the substances are not on the surface, but embedded in fibers and materials.

Ecopro has helped realtors, landlords, and homeowners in Montreal, Laval, and the South-Shore remove offensive cigarette smoke odours from their property.

Our safe and effective methods will eliminate cigarette smoke guaranteed!

Don’t let the smell of cigarette impede you from renting or selling your property. Call Ecopro today for cigarette smoke removal.

Odour Elimination for Locker Rooms, Gyms and Health Care Facilities

Athletic and health care facilities can become a haven for odour causing germs and bacteria. With time, the smell becomes entrenched in materials, making visitors notice the agonizing smell with every breath. This can result in a decrease in memberships for athletic facilities, or serious visitor complaints for health care centers.

At Ecopro, we are experts in odour elimination and deodorization. Other companies might cover-up odours, but, with our advanced equipment and practices, we eliminate the bad smell at the source; by destroying germs, bacteria, and viruses along with the odours.

Restore your facility to the clean, healthy, odour-free environment it should be. Contact us today for a consultation with one of our specialized technicians.

What we do

We care about customer service and a job well done

Ecopro works for homeowners to ensure peace and security in their own homes. We solve problems with ants, bed bugs, spiders, mice and other residential pests.

Please contact us today if you have any pest control needs for your home. Quick action (when needed) is always better than a delay. Pests never just go away by themselves.

Let us work with you to eliminate the problem at the source and get you and your family back to your routine without any worries about bugs in your home.

Guaranteed, discrete, and professional. Call Ecopro now.

Our commercial extermination division serves restaurants, retail stores, hotels, and grocery chains. Common problems we manage are the presence of mice or rats and insects. Our commercial pest control services include ongoing contracts to keep stores and restaurants free of pests and in compliance with regulations.

Please call us today for help with an immediate issue, or to learn more about our pest control solutions for business. Our technicians cover all of the Island of Montreal (including the West Island), the South Shore, Laval, and the North Shore.

Choose Ecopro for guaranteed and discrete services to keep your business running smoothly.

Factories, manufacturing, and industrial buildings can become home to mice, rats, ants, and even wild animals. It is critical to take positive action to prevent and control these issues, because the long-term costs of a pest problem in an industrial setting can be very large and undesirable.

Ecopro offers a consultation and inspections service for industrial buildings. Please contact us now so we can schedule a consult and give you some options for both any necessary short-term solutions as well as a long-term pest management strategy.

Call us and you will find a reliable and effective business partner.

Your Discrete and Professional Extermination Company

What makes us the top eco-friendly exterminator in Montreal?

Ecopro gestion parasitaire is a family business focused on professionalism and discretion – not to mention results. Our team of certified technicians travels in unmarked trucks and works effectively behind the scenes to get the job done without drawing attention in residential and commercial neighborhoods.

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In the context of what the population is currently experiencing, we would like to advise you that pest control is an essential service and we will continue to serve you.

We also offer cleaning and decontamination service following the protocol in force, either ozone treatments or fogging.

Our technicians follow a rigorous protocol in prevention by following measures issued by the Provincial and Federal governments.

For everyone’s safety, we ask that you notify us if you are infected with the Covid-19 or that if you are in quarantine so that our technicians can protect themselves adequately.

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