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Wasps easily infiltrate your home and are difficult to get rid of. If you think you might have wasp nests near or in your home, call us immediately. We are ready to help you solve your wasp problem fast! Our professional extermination team is trained and experienced in dealing with all the insects found in the greater Montreal area.

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Wasps might be predators of other nuisance insects and act as beneficial pollinators, but that doesn’t mean they should ruin your lovely backyard summer barbecues. Certain wasp species have colonies that can have up to twenty-five thousand wasps.
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How to Identify Wasps

There are hundreds of wasp species around the world. A few of those species can be found in Canada. Here is a description of the two most common types of wasps you might encounter around the city or at your cottage.


The hornets have a similar colour to yellow jacket wasps, but they are much thicker and twice as long. Rarely, hornet wasps can also be black and white in colour. Hornets are considered much less aggressive than other wasps, yet, if provoked, their sting much stronger and painful and they will sting multiple times.

Hornet nest can be found in trees or bushes, on the side of buildings, or even in attics and walls. Their nest size ranges from the size of a football to the size of a basket ball. In the autumn, most of the colony (including the year’s queen) dies. Only the new queens survive by hibernating in a safe spot (often attics) during the winter. In the spring, the new queens build a new nest in proximity of the previous year’s colony, and the cycle begins again.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets can be mistaken with bees, although they are much brighter in colour and, contrarily to bees, they have no hair on their bodies. If your summer picnic, or brunch on a terrace, is suddenly invaded by wasps, the intruders are most likely yellow jackets. This is because they are attracted to meat and sweet food or drinks. Yellow jackets primarily feed on other insects, fruit or other sweet substances like flower nectar or tree sap.
Yellow jackets may build their nest on ground (including in pavement cracks, at the base of trees, or under porches or steps), or in aerial places such as bushes, tree branches, wall voids or even attics. Ground nests can be identified with a hole in the ground about the size of a golf ball. If nests are in walls or attics, yellow jackets can end up in the house in large numbers. This is because the nest will cause humidity and a “wet spot” on the ceiling or wall, which may eventually get perforated, allowing yellow jackets to fly into the home.

Like hornets, most of the yellow jacket colony dies in the fall and winter months, leaving only the new queens to hibernate and restart the cycle the following year. The yellow jacket queens also like to build a new nest in close proximity of the previous year’s colony.

Yellow jackets are considered to be much more aggressive than hornets. Like other wasps, yellow jackets can sting repeatedly. Their sting can cause swelling and irritation. In some cases, yellow jacket stings can become very dangerous, especially if an allergic reaction occurs.

How Can I Get Rid of Wasps?

Although hornets or yellow jackets do not cause much damage to building structures, if you notice you might have wasps on your property, it is wiser to remove them from the premises. Wasps can attack humans or pets if they feel threatened, and, in some cases, they might prevent you from enjoying the outdoors in the warmer months.

Although some home remedies can be effective against wasps, they are also considered dangerous. For example, many believe that fumigating wasp nests after dark is an effective way to get rid of them. However, unlike bees, who have a very poor night vision, wasps are nocturnal and can easily fly in the dark. Therefore, calling an experienced pest control expert, like Ecopro is the safest, fastest, and most effective way to remove wasps from your property.

If you suspect wasps have made their way onto your property call us immediately. We are available 24/7 and we get rid of wasps fast!

Got Wasps? Call a Certified Exterminator to Get the Job Done

Because wasps nest in the same area from year to year, the removal process is ongoing. At Ecopro, we understand nesting cycles and wasps’ natural behaviour. For this reason, we will provide the right solutions according to your property’s situation, the location of the nest, and the type of wasps that have intruded your home.

Ecopro will ensure the problem is gone.

A go-forward prevention plan will also be put into place to ensure that you know how to prevent getting wasps again in the future.

Ecopro has experience and success in solving infestation problems. We have helped thousands of clients in Montreal, the South Shore and Laval. We will completely remove wasps from your property, ensuring your home is safe again!

Do not waste time and effort with less effective approaches. Get rid of the problem the first time around! Call us today!

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