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At Eco-pro , we offer attic inspection and decontamination services in the Greater Montreal area.

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Attic decontamination services

For most, the attic is a synonym for “the forgotten space”. However, a forgotten attic space is dangerous. It can become a comfortable home for rodents and other animals such as raccoons and even squirrels.

Having critters living peacefully above your head can be extremely hazardous to your health. Feces and urine contaminate your attic insulation and may also contain dangerous diseases that can circulate through air ducts.

Moreover, if you have recently eliminated rodents from your home, odours from a previous infestation may attract new rodents.

Performing a regular attic inspection can save you from costly home repairs and serious health risks.

Our Attic Decontamination Method Includes:

With Eco-pro, you can be sure that your attic will be secure, and safe for your family.

  • Thorough attic inspection
    Including checking for remaining attic pests, chewed wires or pipelines, finding entry points, and examining wood structures.
  • Removal of droppings, nests, and pest carcasses
    Your attic will be professionally vacuumed
  • Removal of all contaminated insulation from your attic
    Attic insulation will be examined and removed when necessary
  • Superior Sanitizing
    Your attic will be professionally cleaned and disinfected
  • Attic restoration
    Including repairing damages, sealing openings, treating new wood structures, and replacing insulation

How to clean up your attic following an infestation

Cleaning up your attic following a rodent infestation is no easy feat. It involves taking all the necessary steps to remove odour, nests, and droppings from the premises, as well as repairing damage and ensuring your home is safe from any new intruders.

At Eco-pro, we are specialized in attic restoration and cleanup. Our expert technicians will ensure that your attic will be back to its original condition, or better. Call today for a consultation. Our certified technicians will thoroughly inspect your attic and provide you with a detailed action plan.