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Do you have an infestation problem?

Eco-pro has experience and success in solving ant problems for thousands of clients in Montreal and Laval. We know all the different kinds of ants, where to find their nests, and how to kill or remove them.

When ants make themselves at home in your house they have got to go – and fast. We don’t waste time with less effective approaches because your home is on the line.

Carpenter Ants Extermination

The most common and serious ant infestation problem reported in Laval and the West Island of Montreal is carpenter ants in a house or other wooden structure. Carpenter ants can be very damaging to your home and other property, so definitely invest in a professional assessment at the first sign of these ants in your house.

Carpenter ants are generally black and they are the biggest kind of ant found in the Montreal area. In nature carpenter ants normally live in colonies in damp or decomposing wood, and unfortunately sometimes establish colonies inside a house.

Outdoors, the ants build their nests in tree stumps, piles of firewood or rotting fences or decks. Inside the house, they are attracted by wooden beams, joists and structural lumber. A colony of carpenter ants can easily cause serious damage to a house’s structure – to the point that the home may eventually become unsafe – or unsaleable. You will not be able to sell your house until you definitively exterminate any carpenter ants that have taken up residence inside your walls.

Getting Rid of Pavement Ants

Pavement ants make their nests in cracks or bubble in cement walkways, foundations, and paved driveways. You may see small piles of sand or earth near the entrances to their nests by your foundation, front walk, paved yard, or driveway. If you see these signs, please call us to get an assessment. Quick action can reduce the complexity of remediation and save you money.

Extermination of these ants can be accomplished by our ant control professionals using traps and baits. Our choice of method will depend on the circumstances of your ant infestation and the local environment. As always, we will offer eco-friendly options – and as always – we will get the job done and get rid of your ant problem.

Pest Management with Pharaoh Ants

Ant extermination methods for pharaoh ants differ somewhat from other ant type extermination approaches because the ants are different. Pharoah ants are very small (under 2mm) and live pretty much only inside buildings. They are not a native species in Montreal (or in Canada) and in fact are a relatively recent import into the country from tropical regions.

These ants live only in houses and other heated structures because they do not resist the cold. Their nests can be found inside hollow walls, in electrical boxes, and near warm and humid hoses and vents. Their native habitat is the warm and humid tropics, so they will thrive in similar environments in your house – if you let them.

If you think you have even a few of these tiny ants in your house our recommendation is to immediately get a professional assessment. If you have an infestation, serious professional efforts will be required to eliminate the ants in your house – and the sooner we get started the better. Contact us now for a free phone consult.

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