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Do you have cockroaches?

The survival of cockroaches is ensured by the fact that they eat everything: garbage, crumbs, cigarette butts, wood, soap, leather, toothpaste, and glue enumerate some examples.

How to know if you have a cockroach infestation?

In Quebec, cockroaches infiltrate homes and settle in warm, damp places in the home. The most common places are kitchens, basements and bathrooms.

Cockroaches infiltrate the home by traveling on various objects such as used furniture or clothes, supermarket boxes, or simply by infiltrating the building through ducts and pipes. Once inside, they move very easily and can go unnoticed for several months, as they are mostly active at night and remain virtually motionless during the day. Owners may, however, notice their abandoned shells (young cockroaches replace their shells four times in their lifetime). The presence of cockroaches also causes a foul odour from their excrement and other secretions. Seeing cockroaches, especially in the light of day, is a sign of serious infestation.

Damage caused by cockroaches

Cockroaches do not cause damage to building structures, but rather to human health. Carrying dangerous bacteria and viruses, they transmit serious diseases by walking or leaving excrement on food or food preparation areas. In addition, their presence can cause asthma attacks or allergic reactions, especially in children.

Do not let the presence of cockroaches affect the health of your family members. Contact Eco-pro Parasitic Management today. Our professionals will inspect the premises and present you with an appropriate plan of extermination. A prevention plan will also be put in place so that you know how to prevent an infestation in the future.

Eliminating cockroaches

Cockroaches are parasitic insects with flat and oval bodies. There are several species of cockroaches. Depending on the species, their color varies slightly from light brown to black, and they can measure from 10 to 45 mm long. Eliminating cockroaches from your home is therefore a matter for professionals.

Cockroaches only live a year. However, during this period, each female can lay up to 150 eggs. Cockroaches are incredibly strong insects. Cockroach fossils have been found throughout the world, some dating back more than 300 million years. In general, cockroaches can live without food for more than a month and adapt easily to a new environment.

Eco-pro has experience and success in solving infestation problems. We have helped thousands of clients in Montreal, the South Shore and Laval. We will completely remove cockroaches from your property, ensuring your home is safe again!