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Extermination services in Montreal

Supreme has the professionalism and experience necessary for its Montreal clients. With our 25 years of experience, we have helped hundreds of customers with our pest control services. Our services are discreet and fast. Our technicians travel in an unidentified truck and make sure to get rid of your problem without attracting attention.

We also offer preventive solutions involving monthly checks. This helps to avoid infestations and unwanted costs.

If you suspect that rodents or insects have entered your home, call us immediately. We are available 24/7 and will get rid of them quickly!

Supreme Parasitic Management is the solution in parasitic management. Our strategy includes a complete inspection of the premises and the adoption of ecological extermination methods that will completely eliminate bed bugs from your home. In addition, our procedure involves long-term solutions for preventive parasite management.

Montreal Rodent Extermination

Like every other major city in the world, Montreal has its share of rodents that inhabit sewers and underground tunnels, as well as small wooded areas. However, problems arise when rodents infiltrate human-occupied spaces.

Extremely harmful, rodents transmit many diseases (some of which are fatal) and cause serious property damage (foundations, floors, walls, etc.). They can also corrode electrical cables and pipes, causing short circuits, fires or gas leaks.

Extermination of bed bugs in Montreal

Bed bugs are becoming more and more of a problem in Montreal. The number of Montrealers affected has increased so much in recent years that municipal authorities have implemented preventive action plans; including the publication of information documents concerning bed bugs.

These critters are small (the bedbug is the size of an apple seed), but they create big problems. Once they infiltrate your home, it doesn't take long for bed bugs to establish a colony. A healthy female bed bug can produce two to five eggs per day. The risks of possible infestation are therefore very high.