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Do you have an infestation problem?

At Eco-pro, the extermination of insects, rodents and other parasites is our strength. We have qualified technicians in the sectors of industry, catering, food distribution, as well as in the residential and institutional sectors.

Extermination services in Laval and the North Shore

Eco-pro has the professionalism and experience necessary for its clients in Laval and the North Shore. With our 25 years of experience, we have helped hundreds of customers with our pest management services. Our services are discreet and fast. Our technicians travel in an unidentified truck and make sure to get rid of your problem without attracting attention.

We also offer preventive solutions involving monthly checks. This helps to avoid infestations and unwanted costs.

If you suspect that rodents or insects have entered your home, call us immediately. We are available 24/7 and will get rid of them quickly!

Eco-pro pest management is the solution to an insect infestation problem. We have helped hundreds of customers on the South Shore. With our experience, our professionalism and our commitment to customer service, we are the benchmark for pest management in the Greater Montreal area.

Wildlife capture service in the 450

Laval is full of interesting resources for these so-called “harmful” little animals. Despite ourselves, we provide them with food, shelter and security. We can find traces of wild animals such as raccoons, groundhogs and skunks, in our garbage cans, our sheds, our garage and even our attics.

Often dangerous, they can gnaw through electrical wires and pipes in our homes (thus causing significant damage to our properties) and they are also carriers of diseases that can be transmitted to humans (such as rabies).

Rodent extermination in Laval

Rodents are quick and smart and can go undetected for months before owners become aware of their presence. The problem is that they can reproduce at an incredibly fast rate. Capable of infiltrating an opening as small as 2 cm, they can easily enter your home and, once installed, refuse to leave the premises.

Extremely harmful, rodents transmit many diseases (some of which are fatal) and cause serious property damage (foundations, floors, walls, etc.). They can also corrode electrical cables and pipes, causing short circuits, fires or gas leaks.