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You have a mouse problem?

Hearing scratching sounds coming from your walls at night?

Finding gnawed, chewed, or damaged food packages?

Finding the presence of excrements or urine, burrows or even holes in your home’s foundations?

These are all signs of infestation.

Getting rid of mice

Although they are small and seemingly harmless rodents, mice should be removed from your property as fast as possible. Mice can carry dangerous diseases, and can do serious damage to your property. Furthermore, they multiply at an incredibly fast pace. If a male and female mouse enter your home, they can quickly have a litter of up to 8 mice, and, under optimal conditions, have another litter as soon as 3 weeks later!

Don’t waste your time with inefficient DIY contraptions. Get rid of mice quickly and effectively without harming your property and your health.

We exterminate all mouse species in Montreal

Here are the descriptions of some popular Montreal home invaders:

The deer mouse

The deer mouse (or Peromyscus Maniculatus) is typically long-tailed, with large ears, prominent eyes, and a pointed nose. Its upper parts are gray or brown and its lower parts are white.

The deer mouse is the primary carrier of dangerous diseases such as hantavirus, which, in 15 to 50 percent of cases, is fatal to humans. This virus is transmitted by faeces and urine deposited in the food or inhaled in the form of dust.

If you suspect a deer mouse has made its way into your home call us immediately. We are available 24/7 and we get rid of deer mice fast!

The house mouse

The house mouse is a relatively small mouse with a usual head-body size of less than 10 cm. The tail is about the same size as the head and body, or slightly longer. The color of the house mouse is light brown to black. House mice reproduce all year, when there is enough food available, and can have five or more litters per year.

The house mouse can transmit serious diseases. It can also damage and contaminate food. Finally, house mice can also damage properties by gnawing through building materials such as insulation, exterior siding and wallboard walls.

Eco-pro has experience and success in solving mouse infestation problems for thousands of clients in Montreal, the South Shore and Laval. We will completely remove mice from your property, ensuring your home is safe again!

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