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Do You Have Raccoons on Your Property?

In addition to causing malicious damage, such as garbage scattered on a daily basis, raccoons carry serious diseases and harmful parasites.

In addition, they can cause significant damage to buildings.

Raccoon in Your Attic?

Raccoons love to establish themselves in attics where they can cause a significant amount of damage to insulation and materials. Moreover, the presence of raccoons in attics can be tremendously harmful to the health of the dwelling’s residents and pets.

Homeowners usually notice that they have unwelcomed guests in their roof when they hear scratching sounds coming from the attic. A foul smell from raccoon urine and feces can also emerge in the home. Raccoon urine may also eventually cause stains on ceilings.

If you have a raccoon in your attic, call us today. We will remove the raccoon from your home and decontaminate your attic to make your home safe again.

Signs that raccoons are on your property

Raccoons are wild animals that are practically harmless in forests. However, near humand wellings, they can cause a whole lot of trouble! Here are some of the signs that show the presence of raccoons on your property: 

  • Holes in the attic or garage 
  • Scratches on the walls, wood stair cases and torn materials 
  • Defecations on the ground 
  • Nauseating traces of urine 
  • Scattered garbage from bins turned upside down 


It is very dangerous to attempt to remove a raccoon from your property. Raccoons can attack humans when they feel threatened. Raccoon bites or scratches can cause serious infections, rabies and otherdisease. 

Prevent a raccoon infestation

Raccoons may make their way onto human properties when there is a shortage of food or shelters in their natural habitat. Therefore, removing the possibility for food or shelter on your property will most likely keep raccoons away.

  • Close garbage bins tightly, ensure containers are solid
  • Regularly inspect your attic, gutters and roof
  • Remove pet food from your porch or gallery
  • Cut tree branches that could serve as a way for a raccoon to access your attic
  • Repair and caulk cracks in your siding or other materials and place grids over openings such as vents and chimneys

Raccoons in your house?

Contacting a certified animal control expert like Supreme is the safest, fastest, and most effective way to remove raccoons from your property.

A go-forward prevention plan will also be put into place to ensure that you know how to prevent getting raccoons gain in the future.

Eco-pro has experience and success in solving wildlife problems. We have helped thousands of clients in Montreal, the South Shore and Laval. We will completely remove raccoons from your property, ensuring your home is safe again!


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