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Do you have an infestation problem?

If you are among the many companies that have gone green, you can trust Ecopro. We offer environmentally friendly extermination solutions that are approved by various government departments and regulatory agencies.

  1. Ecopro Extermination
  2. Industrial Extermination

Extermination services for all factory types

Ecopro has the professionalism and experience needed in industrial extermination. In our 25 years of experience, we have helped hundreds of customers through our pest management services. Our industrial division is discreet and fast. Our technicians travel in unidentified trucks and make sure to get rid of your pest problem without attracting attention.

The majority of calls received by our Industrial Extermination Division involve the presence of rodents (mice, rats), wild animals, and insects such as ants. Whatever the problem, Ecopro and its team of professional technicians will take care of the situation so that you regain your peace of mind and resume your activities as quickly as possible.

Plants often have rodent problems. That’s why we offer preventive solutions involving monthly assessments. This helps prevent infestations and unwanted costs.

If you suspect that rodents or insects have entered your building, call us immediately. We are available 24/7 and we get rid of bugs fast!

For warehouses and hangars

Rodents, insects and even wild animals easily infiltrate buildings with large spaces such as warehouses and hangars. Often passed unnoticed for several months and having the ability to reproduce quickly, these small critters bring with them an alarming risk of infestation.

Calling Ecopro extermination means finding a reliable and efficient business partner. We offer short term solutions to pest extermination as well as long-term solutions for preventive pest management of your business. Moreover, our methods are environmentally friendly, and our technicians are certified.

We care about customer service and a job well done—and we live up to our commitments!

For Manufacturing Plants and Industrial Sites

If you have detected the presence of rodents, insects or wild animals in your plant, it is important to act as quickly as possible. Insects and rodents are harmful. They transmit many diseases – some of which are fatal, and can also cause serious property damage, including fires or gas leaks caused by the gnawing of electrical cables and pipes. It is therefore essential to eliminate this kind of problem which can lead to huge expenses if it is not treated quickly.

Ecopro extermination is the solution in pest management. Our strategy includes a complete inspection of the site and the adoption of ecological extermination methods that will completely eliminate insects, rodents and wildlife from your facility. Moreover, our process involves long-term solutions for preventive pest management of your business.