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City works could cause rats in your home

November 24 2017 eco-pro extermination

Most unexpected places

The city of Montreal seems to have become one huge construction site. With all this work, our not so friendly rodents of the city seem to find refuge in the most unexpected places!

Several boroughs on the island live with the joys of repairing roads and sewers. While certainly appreciated and necessary for the long term upkeep of our beautiful city, such works also bring with their share of irritants; traffic, noise, clutter, detours, and, unfortunately, a greater chance of finding an unexpected visitor in your restroom!

Indeed, the stories of city rats entering our homes through the toilet are not just urban legends. The brown rat (or Norway rat) can swim for up to 72 hours. They It is extremely agile, can gnaw through hard materials, can jump up to 2 meters high and crawl through an opening as small as 2 cm. It is therefore very well equipped to crawl directly into your home.
The most affected neighborhoods are Outremont, Westmount, St Laurent and Plateau-Mont-Royal. However, an increase in rodents in human-occupied spaces has been observed throughout the city.

Sewer repairs aren't the only cause

With the increase in new construction, rats are fleeing their habitat

Boroughs that are subject to a lot of new construction (buildings, houses) are also at risk. The noise of construction often frightens rats from their territory and they are forced to find refuge elsewhere. Of course, houses are a place of choice for them, as they provide a warm shelter, equipped with plenty of food.
The rat does not let itself be disturbed by the man. Rats are very intelligent rodents and can go unnoticed for months before owners become aware of their presence. Moving easily through walls and plumbing pipes, rats live safely in homes and apartment buildings. The problem is that in addition to being repulsive to most people, they can cause dangerous physical and material damage to humans. Moreover, rodents reproduce at an incredibly fast rate.

Weather conditions encourage rodents to infiltrate your home

Mild winters, heavy rains and floods are also the cause of this sudden invasion of rats all over the island.
During flooding last spring, West Island residents came face-to-face with 2-foot-long rats. Heavy rains and flooding prompt rats to move from their underground habitats.
Simultaneously, recent winters have been mild, creating ideal breeding conditions for our obnoxious little friends.

And the mice are dancing

Like rats, mouse populations have also increased in Montreal. Like their cousin the rat, these small rodents have also been busy infiltrating homes, restaurants, stores, warehouses and office buildings in the city. Similar to rats, mice are also disease carriers and can also do significant property damage. However, they do not attack humans like rats do when they feel threatened.

No matter what type of rodent is infiltrating your property, if you suspect you might have a rodent problem, it's best to call a certified exterminator as soon as possible to avoid harmful damage and possible infestation. .
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